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Session Summaries by LSAT Tutors

Fox Lake, IL LSAT tutoring
[COVERED]: We began by discussing Periodic Motion, describing the relationship of Period and Frequency and their units. We then moved on to SHM, discussing springs as a model system, and using a Java animation as our spring/block model. We discussed the system in terms of Hooke's Law, and then spent a fair amount of time discussing the energy considerations. We reviewed the derivation for the formula for Potential Energy from the graph of Force vs. displacement. I presented the student with two different problems that tested the conservation of energy that had increasing difficulty and a lot of practice dealing with scientific notation and square roots. At this point, the student brought up her application essay, of which she had sent me a revised draft the day before. We reviewed it and reorganized it to increase interest. At this point, she relaxed, and we blazed through a discussion of pendula as SHM, since she saw that all the same concepts and relationships applied in this new system. We compared the angular frequencies of both model SHM systems. [EXTRA PRACTICE]: We are to discuss Sound and Light next.
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Fox Lake, IL LSAT tutoring
The student took two practice tests since we last met. She did well on both tests and did not need help reviewing the first test. We went over the questions she got wrong on the Physical Sciences section of the second test. She also brought up a few questions from the Biological Sciences section to confirm. She seems to be doing well on the material overall but makes a few mistakes. She will continue working on practice questions and exams to clean up problem areas and to learn to catch mistakes more often.
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Fox Lake, IL LSAT tutoring
The student has decided to register for the MCAT on November 7. We plan to speed up our schedule to about three lectures a week to give us more time to prepare. I think this will help him stay focused in his studying. His schedule allows for three full days of studying a week, so he can easily fit the time. He studied two more chapters of the chemistry this week, on solubility and thermochemistry (phase changes and colligative properties). We went over the chapter on solubility, and we looked at a couple of passages in a practice MCAT I gave him last week. The student's struggles with the MCAT come from applying the formulas to the problems. We looked at a thermodynamics problem with a chemical reaction, and I showed him how writing out the formula, along with identifying known and unknown quantities, can make the problem much clearer to solve. There are still some challenging problems on the MCAT, and we will continue working to improve his comfort with them.
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