Finite Mathematics : Data Description and Probability Distributions

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Example Questions

Example Question #101 : Finite Mathematics

The water temperatures in a certain lake over the course of the last seven days are as follows.

Calculate the mean water temperature. 

Possible Answers:

Correct answer:


To calculate the mean of the water temperatures first recall the formula for mean.

Now substitute in the values from the problem and solve.


Example Question #1 : Data Description And Probability Distributions

Consider the set

Which is a true statement?

(a) 15 is the mean of the data set.

(b) 15 is the median of the data set.

(c) 15 is the mode of the data set.

Possible Answers:

None of the three

(a) and (b) only

(b) and (c) only

(a) , (b), and (c)

(a) and (c) only

Correct answer:

(b) and (c) only


The mean of a data set is the sum of the elements divided by the number of elements. Add the elements, then divide by 7:


15 is not the mean.

The median of the data set with an odd number of values is the value that is in the exact center if the elements are arranged in ascending order. The data set is already as such; the center element is 15, as seen below:

That makes 15 the median.

The mode of the data set is the value that appears most frequently. The only value that appears multiple times is 15, as seen below:


That makes 15 the mode.

Statements (b) and (c) are correct, but not Statement (a).

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