Logical Fallacies

The Fallacy Files
Definitions and examples, organized alphabetically.

How to Detect Propaganda
An introduction to 7 basic propaganda techniques. This handout requires Adobe Reader or compatible application for access.

How to Spot 6 Common Argumentative Fallacies
This downloadable YouTube video (3:19) begins with something students are familiar with (YouTube video comments), moves to examples of logical fallacies, and ends with a call to action. The video was made by a high school student and includes—impressively—a correction.

Logical Fallacies
Definitions and examples, organized by type.

Logical Fallacies
Definitions, examples, and a quiz.

Logical Fallacies
Definitions and examples.

The Nizkor Project: Fallacies
Definitions and examples.

Stephen's Guide
An extensive list with definitions. Follow the links for examples of each.

Teaching Logical Fallacies
This blog links to video and other resources for teaching logical fallacies.

The Video Guide to Common Fallacies
These videos reside at YouTube.

  • The Straw Man Fallacy (2:11)
  • The Ad Hominem Attack (2:22)
  • The Black and White Fallacy (2:04)
  • The Authority Fallacy (2:01)
  • The "No True Scotsman" Fallacy (2:21)

Writing an Argument
In addition to defining "argument," this site includes an exercise in avoiding logical fallacies.

Sample Fallacies
A poster for your classroom or a handout for your students.