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11 Weirdly Spelled Words—And How They Got That Way
Spelling anomalies explained via etymology.

A Brief History of Plural Words
In this TED-ED talk (4:27) we learn about Old English plural forms and about the influence of the Vikings on pluralization. Includes follow-up questions. Better for middle school and above.

Focusing on Words
Etymologies of English words from Latin-Greek root words, free vocabulary newsletters. The site contains a bulletin board and search ability.

How did English evolve?
This TED-ED video (5:05) explores the linguistic history of English with emphasis on the difference in sophistication between Anglo-Saxon words and French words. Captioned, includes follow-up questions and support.

Online Etymology Dictionary
Browsable or searchable, this site has extensive background information in an easy-to-read format.

Why is there a "b" in doubt ?
This TED-ED video (3:28) explores the etymology of the word. Captioned, includes follow-up questions and support.

Take Our Word For It
A weekly etymology publication. Interactive.

Weird plurals: Latin and Greek origins, irregular plural noun forms
Explanation, infographic, downloadable poster.

Word Origins
Looking for the origin of an expression such as busman's holiday or at sixes and sevens ? This site offers answers.

World Wide Words Home Page
The site is devoted to the history, quirks, curiosities and evolution of the English language, with special emphasis on British English. It is organized in sections, each with its own index.