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Lesson plans and teaching ideas

Make Beliefs Comix
Students create comic strips online. This tool is great for prewriting, responding to reading, creative writing, vocabulary words, ESL, and tickets out. Very easy to learn and use, it is appropriate for almost every age level.

Free Flash media games for ESL learners - grammar games, vocabulary builders and phonics programs.

Misplaced Adverbs. How to avoid typical mistakes.
Explanation and infographic for use of adverbs (manner, place, frequency, time, purpose).

Motivating ESL/EFL Students to Write a Complaint Letter
This excellent idea is not limited to ESL/EFL classrooms. Students take their letters of complaint one step further by acting out a phone interview.

Nada's ESL Island
This site includes extensive links to materials for teachers with an emphasis on students whose first language is Arabic or French.

Nik's Daily English Activities
Web-based language activities for students.

OM Personal
This awesome site from Argentina offers everything: courses, dialogues, jokes, music, self-testing. It is easy to navigate the extensive resources here.

Online English Verb Conjugation Trainer
The student chooses a tense and is presented with a model and practice sentences. Each exercise is self-correcting.

Open English World
This site provides free online lessons to help students learn and speak English more fluently. Lessons cover conversation, vocabulary, pronunciation, business English, and idioms.

Phonetics Focus
Sponsored by Cambridge English Online, this site offers interactive practice with English phonemes.

The Phrase Finder
The meanings and origins of over 1,200 English sayings, phrases and idioms. Browse the site, sign up for weekly e-mail, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Another section, the Phrase Thesaurus, requires a subscription fee.

Prepositions after the verb "to think"
This YouTube video (3:43) lists usage and examples for 8 prepositions.

PIZZAZ! People Interested in Zippy and ZAny Zcribbling
Simple creative writing and oral storytelling activities with copyable handouts for students of all ages. Designed for ESL.

Polite English
This interactive site allows students to practice common expressions.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
An excellent collection of audio files. Requires an audio player.

Repeat After Us
An online library of copyright-free English texts and scripted recordings. Students can read along as they listen to a native speaker read poetry, children's stories, folk tales, and more. Different degrees of difficulty are indicated.

Road to Grammar
A series of online quizzes designed for independent practice.

Self-Study Grammar Quizzes
Online interactive quizzes including pronouns, sentence structure, and more. Follow links to other activities.

Resources for ESL grammar, idioms, and more. This is a blended site: it offers free materials and also has resources for sale.

Teaching About Weather and Seasons
Strategies and links to resources for building vocabulary.

Teaching with the Olympics: Ideas for English Language Learners
A variety of ways to build language skills through reading and writing about the Olympic Games.

A wiki where ESL and EFL teachers may share lesson plans, teaching wisdom and best practice ideas

To Learn English
Available in both French and English, this site features a variety of materials: courses, games, exercises, tests, interactive pages, plays, jokes, cartoons, chat rooms, forums, e-mail accounts, international TVs and radios, much more.

Tricky Prepositions
This high-resolution graphic will make a good poster for your classroom. It illustrates "into" vs. "in to," "ask for" vs. "ask to," "think of" vs. "think about," "heard of" vs. "heard about," and "among" vs. "between."

Trifles by Susan Glaspell
A list of resources for teaching the play, including vocabulary, reading segments, and idioms.

Using Art to Encourage Effective Speaking and Writing Skills with ESL Students
This unit is divided into two parts. Part One uses photographs from 9/11 to reinforce language proficiency as well as art understandings. These ideas are then used in Part Two to develop an art gallery. The expressed purpose of both is to use the vehicle of art as a means of arriving at effective language skills.

Using English
Articles, grammar glossary, newsletter, and a variety of links.

Verbbusters offers fun interactive exercise for the practice of the irregular verbs with cues in English or other European languages.

Whether or if? Tips and tricks of conditionals
An explanation and a high-resolution infographic for your classroom.

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