Creative Nonfiction
aka Literary Journalism, Narrative Journalism

Breaking into Creative Nonfiction
A professional writer offers a definition and strategies.

Creative Nonfiction: An Exploration of Contemporary American Literature
Lots of models for this carefully structured project designed for 11th graders. Includes handout for analysis.

"Did You Know?" Generator
Click for a random fact. If it doesn't inspire a narrative, click again.

Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario
Lesson plans and teaching resources.

A Few Easy-to-Use Nonfiction Writing Prompts
A dozen prompts, some suitable for upper elementary, most for middle school and above.

A good introduction to the book and movie, this site offers insights into American history topics including the Great Depression, sports, folk heroes, the rise of radio and creation of a national media audience, American success stories, regional rivalries, the rise of the automobile and decline of the horse, and the legalization of gambling.

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