6 +1 Trait Writing

Bear, Bear, Bear
Using The Three Bears by Paul Galdone as a mentor text, students write a letter to Goldilocks using an appropriate voice. Focuses on writing trait of voice.

Biography Maker
This site helps younger writers through the process of writing a biography. It encourages use of the 6-Trait approach.

Environmental Alphabet
Using Alphabet City by Stephen T. Johnson and Q is for Duck by Michael Folsom and Mary Elting mentor texts, students take pictures of the alphabet in the environments of their classroom and home. They compile the photos into a book. Focuses on organization.

I Caught It!
Using I Was Walking Down The Road by by Sarah E. Barchas and Jack Kent as a mentor text, students work with rhythm, rhyme and alliteration to develop sentence fluency. Students write their own sentences and compile them into a class book.

I Wanna What?
Using I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff as a mentor text, first-grade students write a persuasive letter to their parents, making a request and giving reasons. Includes graphic organizer for planning, student models. Focus is on word choice.

Using The Squiggle by Carole Lexa Schafer as a mentor text, students plan and write a sentence that develops an idea. Includes student exemplars. Focuses on trait of idea development.

Six Trait Analytic Writing Model
A collection of links to explanations, examples, and lesson ideas.

Writing Fix and the 6+1 Traits
Scroll down to find definitions and resources for each trait.

WritingFix's Bibliography
An extensive list of mentor texts and writing activities. Each activity addresses 2 of the 6 traits.

Writing Rainbows
Using Cat's Colors by Jane Cabrera as a mentor text, students develop skill with conventions, specifically, with high-frequency words is and for . Students compile their sentences into a class book and also create an individual book.