World-Class ACT Test Prep in Colorado Spgs

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World-Class ACT Test Prep in Colorado Spgs

A smarter way to get better results.

Personalized plans. Handpicked experts. Guaranteed outcomes.

Personalized plans. Handpicked experts. Guaranteed outcomes.

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We’ve found a conversation is key to understanding goals, strengths, and opportunities. It’s just a quick chat, but it goes a long way in identifying the right tutor for your needs.

A smarter way to get better results.

Why choose Varsity Tutors.

Connect with an expert educator who can help your student learn the techniques and find the confidence to master the ACT. Study smarter, not harder.

Personalized Learning

Tell us what you’re looking for, complete our AI-powered assessment, and we’ll create an adaptable learning plan just for you. Simple. And somewhat magical.

Smart Matching

Because your student is unique in how they learn, we use Smart Learning technology to match them with an educator ideally suited to their needs.

Guaranteed Results

Enjoy peace of mind knowing we stand behind our service. We guarantee you and your student will be 100% satisfied with your experience and the results achieved.

Our ACT students learn proven concepts like:

  • Effective tips for better time management and test pacing
  • Trusted ACT math strategies like “Test Answer Choices” and “Plug in Numbers”
  • Question teardowns to understand what’s said, how it’s said, and why it’s said
  • Strategies specific to the ACT’s “Conflicting Viewpoints” passage format
  • Techniques to identify common grammar mistakes
  • Strategies to analyze and solve reading comprehension challenges

Top experts delivering top scores.

How do we know you’ll get a great tutor or instructor? Well, we only choose to work with the absolute best, which starts with an intensive vetting process (interviews, background checks, simulated tutoring sessions). Then we use uber-smart algorithms to pair you with the right one.



Harvard University
282 Tutoring Hours



University of Washington
158 Tutoring Hours


Karen, PhD

Smith College
1,556 Tutoring Hours

Your student has a score in mind. We'll help them reach it.

Connect with a top-rated test prep expert today.

Expert help when, where, and however it’s needed.

Online tutoring

Online Tutoring

Meet with a tutor using our Live Learning Platform—our unique online workspace with 2-way video, a collaborative workboard, and session recording. It’s like being in the same room (only cooler).

Live online classes

Live Online Classes

Your student will meet with an expert instructor and other students in a collaborative, online space. They’ll get all the benefits of an engaged class, and private help, without leaving home.

Even more ways to ensure better results.

World-Class Test Prep Books

With over 650 pages, these expertly written texts provide everything from general test info to helpful breakdowns of the trickiest concepts.

Innovative Assessment Tool

We use advanced AI to measure your student’s proficiency in each test concept. With results in hand, their tutor knows exactly where they need to focus.

Study On-The-Go Mobile App

Your student has anywhere, anytime access to comprehensive prep materials, including practice problems, flashcards, and much more.

Unparalleled instruction. Unmatched value.

Your student’s academic success is an important investment, but it shouldn't break the bank. So how do we provide top-rated instruction for so much less? We do things differently. We invest in things like people and technology, not storefronts. And we pass the savings (and benefits) on to you.

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Castle Rock, CO

Varsity Tutors instructed both of my daughters on taking the 2nd ACT test. The results are fabulous, both of my daughters raised their test scores by over 15% on the second test. What I noticed is that you can't really change what your student knows, however, you can teach them testing efficiency and you can guide them on what the test is expecting. I strongly recommend Varsity Tutors.


St. Louis, MO

I have only positive things to say about Varsity Tutors. My son and daughter took the ACT both before and after working with Varsity Tutors. Their composite scores increased 4 points each after about 10 hours of tutoring. As a result, both of my kids got great merit scholarships, making the investment well worth the pay off. Well done, Varsity Tutors.


Chicago, IL

My daughter needed to raise her math score by A LOT! She tutored online once a week over the summer between her Junior and Senior year. She loved the tutor and the program Varsity Tutors offered. She raised her score significantly and was able to apply and get into 8 out of 10 schools. I would highly recommend Varsity Tutors.

Get results. Guaranteed.

We're proud of our students and the improved scores they've achieved. We believe your student can do the same. That's why we promise to help them get a better score or we'll give you your money back.*

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† Reflects comparable test prep tutoring as of November 7th, 2019