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Personalized executive function support in Denver, CO

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Private executive function support in Denver, CO

Receive personally tailored Executive Functioning support from exceptional tutors in a one-on-one setting. We help you connect with in-home and online tutoring that offers flexible scheduling and your choice of locations.

100% Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee

At Varsity Tutors, we're committed to connecting you to top tutors capable of delivering an outstanding experience. That's why we provide a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for Executive Functioning support in Denver, CO? Varsity Tutors can help.

Varsity Tutors understands the obstacles families go through when a loved one is having trouble in school, so get in touch with us to be set up with Denver tutors for students who struggle with executive function.

Executive function is a broad term related to the brain's self-regulation system. Those who have trouble with executive function often experience difficulty with working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. Getting help from a mentor who has extensive experience in working with students who have trouble with executive function can offer the assistance your child needs to progress in their studies.

Executive skills usually develop quickly in early childhood and into adolescence, and they keep developing into the mid-twenties. Executive functioning issues are difficulties with a set of important mental skills that are key to learning. If your student is hindered by executive function difficulties, Denver tutoring for students who struggle with executive function may be the answer to quelling its effects on their coursework.

What skills will a Denver tutor near me for students who struggle with executive function go over?

The skills that a private teacher can go over can depend on your student's needs. They can cover your student's 504 Plan or IEP or create a whole new plan. These instructors can also engage your student by using tools and methods that mesh with their learning preferences. They can provide hands-on activities, visual aids, or sound recordings depending on your child's learning style to help them with following directions. An educator can come up with games to aid your student in improving their working memory.

Denver tutoring for students who struggle with executive function can lend a hand in classroom instruction, which can result in improved skills like managing emotions, understanding different perspectives, and starting and finishing tasks.

Students who have difficulty with executive function can have classroom-related issues like struggling in group work, having trouble with finding new ways to solve problems, and getting overly emotional and fixate on things. Your student can strengthen their skills with the help of a patient and empathetic teacher.

What perks can Denver tutoring for students who struggle with executive function offer?

Students who take part in private lessons can receive many benefits. Each session involves only your student and their mentor, which lets them better focus without distractions, express concerns, and ask questions. Additionally, it allows an instructor to vet your student's needs and then try multiple approaches and different techniques to solve a problem until they discover a solution that's suitable for them.

Likewise, Denver tutors for students who struggle with executive function can guide them in establishing strong study habits by helping them create a goals calendar.

A Denver tutor for students who struggle with executive function can also aid your student outside the school term. When your student hones their executive function skills during winter break or any other school break, they can sharpen their skills through regular practice. They can even face the new school year with confidence.

Parents can benefit from these sessions as well. As their parent, it's essential for you to learn different organization and planning methods so that you can assist your student in bettering their skills. One strategy you can learn is practicing visualization skills. This encourages kids to create a picture in their mind of what they've just read or heard.

Another technique you can use is making sessions multisensory. When your child applies all their senses to process information, it can help with working memory and long-term memory. Each session is recorded by our Live Learning Platform, which enables families who choose online lessons to go back and watch concepts as many times as needed. Private teachers can show you skills like using mnemonics and active reading.

How can I locate a Denver tutor near me for students who struggle with executive function?

When you contact a Varsity Tutors educational consultant, you'll be connected with a Denver tutor for students who struggle with executive function. Your student will be helped by a skilled and understanding instructor whether you select online or in-person sessions. Online lessons can take place at your private residence, your child's favorite hangout, or the Denver Public Library.

Every online session occurs through the Live Learning Platform, a digital classroom that enables your student to associate face-to-face with their educator via their tablet, smartphone, or computer. The Live Learning Platform includes a virtual whiteboard, a shared document editor for writing, video chat, and other tools.

Sessions directed by a Denver tutor for students who struggle with executive function can help your child pursue their objectives. Your child can also enjoy the convenience online and in-person lessons offer. If you want to get your student signed up, or if you want more information about Denver tutors for students who struggle with executive function, please contact us today via phone or online.

Session summaries by Executive Functioning tutors

"The student and I worked on her customer experience map and report for her cellular star case study by assessing the gaps in the consumer/company "touch points" and creating alignment between the desires of the customer and the financial needs/practices of the business. We also created a research question that the company could use to track behavioral changes as a result of the improvement of the business' experience."

"Today we reviewed chapter 2, 4, and 11 that we went over last session. Then, we finished questions in the student's new quiz and extra problems with specific focus on topics student felt weak at. Next session, we will focus more on concepts and topics that will be covered in her coming quiz next week. "

"The student and I discussed the relationship between marginal revenue and marginal cost. We then added total cost, total revenue, and profit/loss to the equation. When those concepts were understood we added total average cost and quantity. I then came up with four extensive examples that encapsulated all of those concepts and their relationship. The student worked on the problems as I guided her along. We made great progress today."

"We continued discussion on Chapter 10 dealing with externalities and how they influence consumer demand. Also covered how government can deal with negative externalities. Then we worked on some practice exam questions for this chapter as well."

"I discussed chapter 4 with the student, working on general equilibrium in fairly simple cases. We also discussed marginal costs, total costs, and average costs, and how to go from one to the other. We also discussed how to determine when a business will shut down (when price is less than average variable cost), and what to do when fixed costs are sunk or not sunk."

"The student finished the homework assignment for chapter 5 and took a sample quiz and test covering the law of supply and demand, market inefficiencies, the effects of taxes when applied to just the producers as well as just to the consumers, subsidies, quotas on production, and deadweight loss. "

"Microeconomics. Elasticity of demand. A point of emphasis in the session was the difference between quantity demanded and demand. This is an area where the student may benefit from additional practice. I told her I would find resources that might be helpful for her in determining the difference and would email those resources to her."

"This student learned a lot from the materials presented today and the text book used. The material in the class was at a graduate level course structure and not that of undergraduate material. We reviewed marginal cost, average variable cost, average fixed cost, and cost curves. We also went over labor and wage, equilibrium of production, prices and wages, as well general micro-economic material. "

"The student and I covered a wide range of topics. Starting with some demand side theory and later moving on to supply side. We talked about perfect competition, monopolistic competition, monopolies, and oligopolies. Her test was today so we had to cover 6 chapters during our time together so we did not go extremely in depth into too many concepts but I think our session today will suffice for her test. It was a lot of stuff but the student seemed to be picking up on almost everything very well."

"The student already had a firm understanding of the material as his grade in the course is 94%. We went over the material on his study guides from class and briefly discussed some of the things he wanted to improve on. We spent a majority of the session going over test-taking tips and strategies. I left him with additional resources that he can review over the next couple days before his final so that he can continue to prepare. I am very confident that he will do well on his test and earn the grade he wants."

"The student was prepared to go through the first unit of study. She had completed parts of the assignment and we went over those together. She had questions about another section and we went over those concepts. She has a paper due, and we talked about the topic. She feels comfortable writing it and would like me to check it when she's finished. We will have regularly scheduled sessions to assist her through the course. "

"The student did homework dealing with probability distributions, standard deviations, and probabilities in her last module."

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