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How The Beatles Changed Everything

Presented by TeachRock.org

with Stevie Van Zandt - Musician, Writer, Producer, Actor, Activist, Founder of TeachRock

About TeachRock.org

TeachRock is an educational non-profit dedicated to the ideas that students learn best when they’re actively engaged and that music is a universal way of getting people engaged and involved. Through that lens, TeachRock creates innovative lesson plans that use popular music to teach standards-aligned curriculum across all disciplines. In the words of founder Steven Van Zandt, “the easiest way to engage a kid in conversation is to ask what kind of music they like,” and TeachRock harnesses that power to create engaging learning. TeachRock is endorsed by the New Jersey School Boards Association, the National Council for the Social Studies, the National Association for Music Education and the National Council for Geographic Education, with partners including Scholastic Inc., HBO, PBS, Reelin’ in the Years, ABC News, Rock’s Backpages, New York University Steinhardt School, and the Grammy Museum.

About the class

How did The Beatles change music forever? They were the perfect band in the perfect place at the perfect time to transform the global future of music and to highlight the roots of America's own sound. They tapped into a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie that a new generation of teenagers craved. And they set the precedent that bands could and should evolve their sound and substance over time. Join rock star Stevie Van Zandt to explore the conditions that got the world ready for Beatlemania, get to know the band that changed music forever, and examine the lasting impact of 1960s rock-and-roll culture on the way music defines each generation.

Meet your instructor, Stevie Van Zandt.

Stevie Van Zandt is a Musician, Writer, Producer, Actor, Director, Activist, Historian, Teacher, and more. As chairman of the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation, he directs TeachRock.org, a nonprofit dedicated to the power of music as a teaching tool. TeachRock provides free lesson plans to teachers around the world, integrating music into lessons on subjects from history to art, science to mathematics. A guitarist and songwriter who has played the world’s biggest venues with the Disciples of Soul, the E Street Band, and Artists United Against Apartheid, Stevie credits the Beatles with sparking his interest in becoming part of a band and with introducing him and the world to amazing and underappreciated music.

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