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Playing the Part: An Actor's Guide to Success

Award winning actor and author


About the class

Join your favorite silver screen, small screen, and stage actor, Taye Diggs, for a free class that will take you behind the scenes, inside the actor's studio. Learn about the importance of imagination in acting and how to take your confidence to the next level the next time you're on stage. Taye will teach you how to improve your own acting, boost your stage presence, and prepare for your next role, in a class full of tips and tricks on some of the most important acting techniques.

This StarCourse is no longer available.

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The Creativity Club

After you've perfected your acting techniques with Taye, be sure to join the other classes in The Creativity Club. Every student has innate talent just waiting to be released. In these classes, they’ll develop the skills—whether art, writing, comedy, or technology—to unleash their inner creator and leave their mark on the world.