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The Magic of Alchemy

Presented by Science History Institute

with Nyomi Gonzalez

About Science History Institute

The Science History Institute is a museum and library dedicated to expanding knowledge and challenging perspectives in the history of science, revealing how the scientific past is embedded in our daily lives and catalyzing the reimagining of our scientific and technological future.

About the class

Alchemists are the wizard-like thinkers who tried to turn lead into gold and who looked for a way to live forever. But did you know that alchemy was also science? In this live, interactive class, students will learn the secrets behind the magic and science of the alchemical laboratory, learn to make their own ink, and create alchemical symbols that represent the world around them.

To make their own ink, students will need blackberries, vinegar, salt, and a strainer.

Meet your instructor, Nyomi.

Nyomi Gonzalez has been working in museums for over 10 years. She loves engaging with and learning from audiences of all ages. When she isn't working, Nyomi enjoys reading, playing video games with her husband, and trying to snuggle with her two cats.

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