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Wild Summer Weather

Dr. Reed Timmer

Meteorologist, TV Host, Storm Chaser

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About Dr. Reed

The host of the hit show Storm Chasers for four seasons, Dr. Reed Timmer has been chasing tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and wildfires his entire life. His fascination with extreme weather led him to earn a PhD in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma, naturally situated in the heart of Tornado Alley. For decades he’s been roaming the country in a series of custom storm-chasing vehicles named “Dominator,” educating the world on weather safety and the causes of some of nature’s most powerful weather events.

About the class

There’s only one thing hotter than the weather this summer: learning about it. It’s been a record-setting summer of heatwaves, hurricane activity, wildfires, and summer storms, so join extreme meteorologist and storm chaser Reed Timmer to discover what’s behind this wild summer weather. You’ll learn why heat waves come and go, what causes hurricanes to form and to change direction, why wildfires spread like wildfire, and much more.


August 10
Tuesday @ 4:00 PM-4:45 PM EDT
1 x 45min session (45 minutes)
All ages welcome
(Best for grades 3-7)

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Weather Wonders Camp

After exploring wild summer weather with Reed Timmer, let your aspiring meteorologist will join other campers for an exciting look at the world of weather in the Weather Wonders Camp.