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Live From the Amazon Rainforest

Phil Torres

photographer, biologist, and host of Expedition X on Discovery Channel

About Phil Torres

The host of animal and exploration shows on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, Phil has been bitten by an anaconda, tackled a tiger shark, and gotten lost in a forest of quicksand...all in the name of science. His love of nature and adventure has taken him to the Arctic Circle, the Amazon rainforest, and many exotic locations in between.

About the class

What is life like deep in the rainforest? Why just tell you when we can show you too! Join adventure biologist Phil Torres live from the rainforest in Peru to explore the sights, sounds, and smells of the world capital of biodiversity. You’ll meet fascinating jungle creatures, visit varied ecosystems from the tops of tall trees to the trunks of fallen ones, and learn what makes the rainforest such a critical component of your own habitat, wherever you live.

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