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Science is Cool!

Presented by Omaha Children's Museum

with expert instructor, Hillary Horner

About Omaha Children's Museum

Since its inception in 1976, Omaha Children's Museum has been a special place where children can challenge themselves, discover how the world works and learn through play. The mission of Omaha Children's Museum is to engage the imagination and create excitement about learning. The museum's permanent exhibits include Charlie Campbell Science & Technology Center, Art Smart Center, Imagination Playground and Walker Tire & Auto Service Center. In addition to its permanent exhibits, Omaha Children's Museum offers educational programs, traveling exhibitions, field trips, outreach programs, summer camps and early childhood programs.

About the class

Brrr — it's cold outside! And in this live, online class, we'll make it even colder! Join the Omaha Children's Museum's friendly frost experts for some frigidly fun science experiments. We'll create dry ice bubbles, make our own snow, and SNOW much more! (You might even get a chance to meet the museum's Snow Queen!) Science really is cool, and in this class, we'll show you why.


December 15
Wednesday @ 5:00 PM-5:45 PM EST
1 x 45min session (45 minutes)
All ages welcome
(Best for grades K-3)


Curious World STEM Club

After you finish putting your STEM skills to the test, head over to our Curious World STEM Club where students can continue to participate in a variety of unique scientific experiments.