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Think Like A Chess Master

Nemo Qiyu Zhou

Chess Grand Master

About Nemo

A former youth world chess champion and current holder of the titles Woman Grandmaster and FIDE Master, Qiyu “Nemo” Zhou started her chess journey at age 3 when she saw a friendly-looking chess piece in a storefront window. In the years since, she’s won tournaments all over the world, been a five-time Finnish national youth champion, and won the Canadian national championship. She owns one of the fastest-growing live stream channels on Twitch and contributes strategy videos for Chess.com, all while pursuing a double-major at the University of Toronto and spreading her love—and mastery—of chess across the globe.

About the class

How do chess masters play several games at once, or react to moves almost immediately when playing against the clock? What do they see that we don't? Join national champion and woman grandmaster Nemo Qiyu Zhou to learn to see the chess board like a master does: what does she look for when she scopes out a position, how does she analyze her opponent based on his moves, and what mistake patterns does she know we're all vulnerable to? Find out in this interactive class that takes you inside the mind of a chess master.

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