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Making Your Family’s Museum Visit Magical

Mondays @ the Museum

with Emily Mahon

About Mondays @ the Museum

Mondays @ the Museum is an eLearning service that “unboxes” free online museum collection platforms for students, teachers and parents. These virtual experiences provide curated paths through these platforms based on easily accessible and relevant topics using tried and true museum and informal educational facilitation tools. These online courses provide students, teachers and parents with exposure to the world of museums through close observation, inquiry skills and the development of prior knowledge needed to make the most of in-person (and virtual) museum visits to local and international institutions.

About the class

Has your family ever been to a museum, but you didn't quite know what to do once you were there? In this class, we'll practice virtual tools and tricks that can make any in-person museum visit engaging, interesting and educational. We'll learn some questions that will help you "read art," as well as vocabulary you can use to express why you like or dislike a particular piece. We'll consider our human past with artifacts while asking questions like an archaeologist and go on a math scavenger hunt to find universal patterns and design elements in paintings.

Meet your instructor, Emily.

Emily Mahon is the owner of Mondays @ the Museum, LLC; the Director of Education at the Discovery Center of Idaho; and the former President of Museum Educators of Southern California. She has also worked as Senior Director of Education at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA. Emily is the creator of the 16-part "Teaching Our World Through the World" K-12 teacher professional development course at Skirball Cultural Center, which encourages confidence in teachers to integrate visual and performing arts in their classrooms. She is also the creator of the Music Center of Los Angeles County’s Student Ambassador Program, which provides high school students with access to leadership training and career pathways in the arts. Emily has her degree in Vocal Performance from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, has performed professionally with the LA Master Chorale, All Saints Episcopal Choir Beverly Hills, Crescendo five-part jazz harmony group, and multiple regional operas and musical theaters. Emily was born and raised in the panhandle of Texas by her award-winning artist and entrepreneur father. Emily, her husband, their 3rd grade daughter, and their 4th grade son love gardening in the backyard of their home in Boise, Idaho.

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