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Reach your "Highest Speak" Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Presented by Highest Speak

with Highest Speak founder, Sumedha Bahri JD

About Highest Speak

Highest Speak offers public speaking and communication classes, workshops, and private coaching for K-12 to eliminate the anxiety of public speaking EARLY. America’s academic system is focused on STEM and test-taking. Though this is commendable, there is a gap in teaching children public speaking, and even general communication skills in a social setting! These are key to succeeding in academia, careers, and even in their personal lives!

Highest Speak aims to fill this gap with a unique curriculum and philosophy based on play, creativity, authenticity, and mindfulness. Their goal is to produce well rounded, confident, and positive children who will carry their learned skills into adulthood.

About the class

In this high-energy workshop by Highest Speak founder Sumedha Bahri, students will learn to feel confident and even enjoy public speaking in both academic and social environments. We will discuss the importance of public speaking skills, learn some key tips and tricks, and explore how to best practice these skills!

In the workshop, we will cover:
–Examples and discussion of the importance of public speaking and effective communication in school and in our social lives.
–How we can use speech to our advantage.
–How to combat anxiety in public speaking.
–Simple tips and tricks that you can use to best perform any kind of speech or when public speaking in any group setting.
–Methods of best practicing your speaking skills.

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