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Toy Inventor Lab: Build Your Own Marble Maze


with Debbie Sterling, Founder & CEO

About GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox is the most recognized and trusted brand for girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Through activities, toys, and storytelling, GoldieBlox educates and inspires kids to help power their futures. Experts at making STEM fun, GoldieBlox puts the A (Art) into STEM, using STEAM to show kids how to be creative and curious in really cool ways while learning essential principles and skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

About the class

You have the power to invent new toys (or machines, or even rocket ships). So let’s unlock your inventor power with a hands-on toy lab as you learn about simple machines and experience the engineering design process, all while designing and even building your own Marble Run Maze. Join inventor/toymaker Debbie Sterling, the founder of GoldieBlox, to discover your inventor ability and learn that making toys can be even more fun than just playing with them.

Meet your instructor, Debbie.

The founder and CEO of GoldieBlox, Debbie Sterling is also a mechanical engineer, product designer, and passionate leader in the movement toward getting more girls interested in the fields of STEM. Debbie has been named TIME Magazine’s "Person of the Moment,” Business Insider’s "30 Women Who Are Changing the World,” and Fortune Magazine’s “40 Under 40.” She loves to inspire kids and introduce them to the incredible power and versatility of STEM through creativity, resourcefulness, and perseverance.

Build-along challenge:

Want to design and build your own toy along with Debbie during class? Have even more fun by assembling your own toybuilder toolkit with items from around your house.

Here's what you'll want to have:

A shoebox (preferably) or cereal box




Colored cardstock or construction paper

Clear tape, hot glue or quick drying glue

Straws, pipe cleaners, craft sticks or even playdough and/or cord


And then it’s even more fun if you have:

Washi tape

Pom poms

Empty thread spools

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Introducing the GoldieBlox Maker Club

After this class, join fellow STEAM enthusiasts in the GoldieBlox Maker Club to explore the world around you and build your own creations with these hands-on kits.