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Earthquake Extravaganza

Presented by GoldieBlox

with Earthquake Geologist and STEM Communicator, Dr. Wendy Bohon

About GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox is the most recognized and trusted brand for girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Through activities, toys, and storytelling, GoldieBlox educates and inspires kids to help power their futures. Experts at making STEM fun, GoldieBlox puts the A (Art) into STEM, using STEAM to show kids how to be creative and curious in really cool ways while learning essential principles and skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

About the class

Nothing rocks and rolls quite like an earthquake, one of nature’s most fascinating events. In this highly-interactive class, students will explore the causes and processes of earthquakes, play a game of “Fact or Faulty” as they debunk common earthquake myths, and build their own seismometer to measure earthquakes (and tabletop temblors as they practice with their new equipment). They’ll learn what to do in an earthquake, why earthquakes are important to the earth’s ecosystem, and what scientific breakthroughs potentially lie underground for those who further study seismic science.

During class, you will have the opportunity to make and use your own seismometer! In order to participate, you’ll need the following items on Monday, July 19:

-A medium-sized cardboard box that’s open on the long side (like a shoebox)

-A paper or plastic disposable cup

-A few feet of string or strong thread

-A marker, pencil, or pen

-A pair of scissors

-Several pieces of paper or a very long printed receipt from a store (like CVS or a grocery store)


-Coins, marbles, small rocks, or other small, heavy objects that you can use as weights as your cup becomes a pendulum.

We’ll be making holes in our disposable cup and cardboard box during class, so we recommend having an adult available who can help (if applicable). See you on July 19! (If you won’t have your materials ready by July 19, don’t worry — you’ll be able to watch the recording and do the activity after class.)

Meet your expert instructor, Dr. Wendy Bohon.

Dr. Wendy Bohon had moved to Hollywood to become an actress, when feeling her first earthquake literally shook up her world. Fascinated by the quake, she studied everything she could learn about them and earned a PhD in earthquake geology. Now she studies and teaches seismology for a living, investigating earthquakes and earthquake safety from California to Bolivia to India, and serving as an ambassador for GoldieBlox, If/Then, and other science communication groups that engage students in STEM education.

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