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Landing on the Moon: How It Almost Didn't Happen

Armstrong Air and Space Museum

with Greg Brown and Chris Moynihan

About the Armstrong Air and Space Museum

As space exploration has evolved, so have the exhibits at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum. But the focus has remained the same: to stand not only as a repository of Ohio's aeronautical history and a monument to Ohio's contribution to aviation and space exploration, but also as a tribute to Ohioan Neil Armstrong, whose "one small step for a man" was indeed a "giant leap for mankind."

About the class

The astronauts who landed on the moon encountered — and solved — many challenges. Could you do the same? In this class, the experts from Armstrong Air & Space Museum invite you to join mission control. The tasks you perform could change the success of this famous mission. Do you have what it takes to land on the Moon?

Meet your instructors, Greg and Chris.

Greg Brown is the Experience Coordinator at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum. His duties include public speaking, research, work in collections/artifacts, and volunteer coordination. He served on active duty with the USAF (Missile Security Specialist) and the U.S. Army (Military Police Corps). He has a BA in history.

Chris Moynihan is the Director of Education and Guest Experience at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum. He coordinates all education programming and guests’ experiences and interpretations of the museum's collections. He holds an M.Ed. and was a teacher prior to his position at the museum.

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