Impact Your World: Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Girls

grades 9-12

Large Group Class

‐ Live online instruction
‐ Large-format, interactive
‐ Free classes taught by experts

1 week. 2 sessions per week (1hr each)


Join Girls With Impact for a special two-part workshop open to girls in grades 9-12.

In this class, you'll learn how to harness your passion to impact the world. This two-session workshop introduces you to the concept of entrepreneurship, and then takes you through a process of ideation to come up with your own venture or business to make an impact on the world around you. Your instructors will work with you to develop your vision for your impact venture, as well as a mini business plan.

You'll walk away with knowledge and a number of valuable skills that are sure to impress people... and to impact your future college and career success.

Class Details

What You Will Learn

  • What "entrepreneurship" means

  • Why entrepreneurship is the key to your future success

  • What "design thinking" means

  • How to develop a great idea that impacts the world

  • How to create a vision statement

  • How to create a mini business plan

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Mon, Oct 19 - Thu, Oct 22

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1hr live sessions
1 week, 2 sessions per week
2hr total class time

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