AfterSchool Young Animators Club (Grades 2-3)

Grades 2-3

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Is your refrigerator buried under your child’s latest doodles? Help them nurture their creativity with fellow budding artists, as they learn to draw favorite characters and create beloved new ones with new techniques from expert instructors. Each month, the Young Animators club will draw on a new theme as aspiring artists collaborate through the creative process.



Theme Of The Month:

  • December: Drawing Animal Characters — This month, students will learn to create animal characters, using real-life animals to find lines of motion and then apply principles of shape and color to give the personality and flair.

  • January: Bringing Objects To Life With Animation —This month, students will learn to take inanimate objects and turn them into characters with personality and apparel. After all, the definition of “animate” is “bring to life.”

  • February: Anime and Manga — This month is dedicated to Japanese animation as students explore the techniques behind favorite anime and manga characters.

  • March: Drawing Dinosaurs, Robots, and Alien Characters — How does one month span an eternity? Find out as students dig deep into the past to draw prehistoric creatures and look well into the future to draw robots and aliens, using modern techniques to animate characters from entirely another time.

  • April: The Art of Character Creation —This month students will learn the art of creating unique characters, creating narratives of who a character should be, and choosing the shapes, proportions, features, and colors to bring that character to life.

  • May: Drawing With Depth and Style —This month students will learn what makes good drawings great, as they explore the arts of line breadth, shading, depth creation, and more.

Our Afterschool Clubs Include:

  • Live instruction from a top expert with plenty of group discussion and collaboration.

  • Specialized content and learning resources from our club guest stars.

  • Small group environment means your club member gets a chance to make new friends.

  • Afterschool Clubs challenge to keep your club member engaged between club sessions

  • Unplug Projects to encourage your club member to learn away from the screen.

  • Tons of times and dates so you can fit multiple clubs into a single week.

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How to Participate


Download the Zoom app for free on your laptop or mobile device.


Before each session you’ll receive an email with a link to join.


Gather any necessary supplies for class and come ready to learn!

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