Wildlife Creature Club for Kindergarten Adventurers - Powerful Predators

Grades K-1

Fish swim in schools, wolves travel in packs, and kittens and puppies are born in litters. Groups of animals all have their own unique names, so what do you call a group of 8-10 animal lovers? A club.

That’s right, if you’re wild about wildlife you’ll find a habitat--er, home--in the Wildlife Creature Club featuring Coyote Peterson. There you’ll meet weekly with your club of fellow animal adventurers to explore the animal kingdom, conquer creature challenges in the Learning Lab, and gain exclusive “backstage” access to events with Coyote and other renowned wildlife adventurers on the Varsity Tutors StarCourse platform. (We promise, although he’s regularly bitten and stung by nature’s most ferocious creatures on the Brave Wilderness channel, he himself doesn’t bite).

In March and April, the Wildlife Creature Club is celebrating some of Coyote’s most dangerous animal encounters and exploring the world’s fiercest predators. So summon both your courage and your curiosity as we get up close and personal with:

Expedition 1: Ferocious Felines: lions, tigers, leopards, and other wildcats

Expedition 2: Sneaky Serpents: rattlesnakes, vipers, pythons, and slithery snakes

Expedition 3: Dangers of the Deep: sharks, octopus, and more from the ocean

Expedition 4: Tiny Terrors: spiders, insects, and more tiny creepy-crawlies

Expedition 5: Murky Menaces: alligators, crocodiles, piranha, and more swamp creatures

Expedition 6: The Biggest, Baddest Beasts: bears, moose, hippopotamus, and other not-so-gentle giants.

$12.86/hr ($90 total)


7 sessions

1x per week

1 hour each

session duration

6-9 students

typical class size

Wildlife Creature Club Includes:

  • 6 weekly live online class expeditions with up to 8 other adventurers

  • Weekly Creature Challenges and enriching learning activities

  • A reserved spot in upcoming Wildlife Creature Club StarCourses

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How to Participate


Download the Zoom app for free on your laptop or mobile device.


Before each session you’ll receive an email with a link to join.


Gather any necessary supplies for class and come ready to learn!

3 Class Offerings Available

Small Group Class

  • Typically 6-9 students per class.
  • Students get personalized help and attention.
  • Opportunities to collaborate and engage in discussion.

Thu, Apr 15 - Thu, Jun 10

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$90 total

1hr live sessions
9 weeks, 1 session per week
7hr total class time

Weekly Class Times

Class will not meet on:

  • Thursday, April 15
  • Thursday, April 22
5+ students already enrolled

Thu, Apr 15 - Thu, May 27

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$90 total

1hr live sessions
7 weeks, 1 session per week
6hr total class time

Weekly Class Times

Class will not meet on:

  • Thursday, April 29

Thu, Apr 15 - Thu, May 20

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$90 total

1hr live sessions
6 weeks, 1 session per week
6hr total class time

Weekly Class Times

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with a Small Group subscription plan.

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Collaborative Experiences
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