Space Club for K-1 Cadets - Human Exploration

Grades K-1

Whether you’re an aspiring astronaut or just cosmically curious, you’ll find friends and fellow universe explorers in the Space Club. Over an exhilarating six weeks, Space Club will explore the history and future of space exploration, from the launch of Sputnik to the moon landing to the International Space Station...and to where the next generation of astronauts will take us next. And Space Club cadets will become rocket scientists, building and launching rocket simulators. Buckle up your Kuiper Belt and get ready for liftoff as you and your fellow space cadets explore:

Mission 1: How Humans Got To Space

Mission 2: To The Moon—The Apollo Missions

Mission 3: Space Bases—Skylab, the ISS, and More

Mission 4: Rovers, Probes, and Exploration of Deep Space

Mission 5: Rocket Science 101—How Space Travel Works

Mission 6: Where Do We—and You—Go From Here?

Plus each week you'll find a new Cosmic Challenge in the Varsity Tutors Learning Lab, complete with a video mini-lesson to guide your independent exploration of the universe while you gear up for the next group mission.

$15.00/hr ($90 total)


6 sessions

1x per week

1 hour each

session duration

6-9 students

typical class size

Our Clubs Include:

  • Live course instruction where you'll meet face-to-face with your instructor and fellow students in a virtual classroom

  • Interactive and collaborative sessions where students learn course-specific lessons as a group

  • Individual interaction with an expert instructor and an immersive learning experience in a class with limited seating

  • Weekly Space Club activities in our Learning Lab for cadets interested in solo exploration

  • Convenient online and mobile access to your account and all of our resources through our IOS and Android apps

  • Access to world-class customer service through your account or over the phone 7 days a week

  • The option to continue your learning with one-on-one private lessons!

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How to Participate


Download the Zoom app for free on your laptop or mobile device.


Before each session you’ll receive an email with a link to join.


Gather any necessary supplies for class and come ready to learn!

2 Class Offerings Available

Small Group Class

  • Typically 6-9 students per class.
  • Students get personalized help and attention.
  • Opportunities to collaborate and engage in discussion.

Tue, Apr 20 - Tue, May 25

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$90 total

1hr live sessions
6 weeks, 1 session per week
6hr total class time

Weekly Class Times

Tue, Apr 20 - Tue, May 25

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$90 total

1hr live sessions
6 weeks, 1 session per week
6hr total class time

Weekly Class Times

Save up to $52.50 on this class

with a Small Group subscription plan.

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About Small Group Classes

Personalized Instruction
Small classes allow the instructor to give individualized attention to each student.

Customized Curriculum and Learning
Class content and pacing is tailored to the interests and needs of the students.

Collaborative Experiences
Student-to-student collaboration foster deeper learning and engagement.

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