AfterSchool Sketchmasters Drawing Club (Grades 2-3)

Grades 2-3

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In Sketchmasters Drawing Club, your young artist will learn to draw realistic portraits, landscapes, and scenes of all kinds, and practice techniques for lines, shading, and action. Expert-led sessions meet weekly with a group of 6-9 club members, with drawing themes changing each month.



Theme Of The Month:

  • January: Objects — In this first month of Sketchmasters Club, artists will learn to draw stationary objects as realistically as possible. In doing so they’ll develop techniques for contrasting light and shadow, mixing thick and thin lines to create depth and dimension, and even basic skills like pencil grips and eraser use that give experienced artists their sophisticated edge.

  • February: Portraits — This month, artists will focus on arguably the most frequently-drawn subject of all: the human face. In doing so, they’ll learn techniques for shading, varying line thickness, creating depth, and conveying personality.

  • March: Landscapes — This month, artists will learn techniques for drawing realistic landscapes, including the concept of a focal point and the skill of simplifying what they see into shapes and lines. They’ll continue to build skills with contrast, depth, and shading as they turn the world around them into art.

  • April: Wildlife — This month, artists will learn techniques for drawing animals. In doing so, they’ll develop techniques for seeing simple shapes in complex bodies, drawing action lines, creating texture, and more

  • May: Action Scenes — This month, artists will put it all together as they learn to draw full scenes with people and/or animals interacting with objects and landscapes around them.

Our Afterschool Clubs Include:

  • Live instruction from a top expert with plenty of group discussion and collaboration.

  • Specialized content and learning resources from our club guest stars.

  • Small group environment means your club member gets a chance to make new friends.

  • Afterschool Clubs challenge to keep your club member engaged between club sessions

  • Unplug Projects to encourage your club member to learn away from the screen.

  • Tons of times and dates so you can fit multiple clubs into a single week.

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How to Participate


Download the Zoom app for free on your laptop or mobile device.


Before each session you’ll receive an email with a link to join.


Gather any necessary supplies for class and come ready to learn!

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