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Question of the Day: Cosmetology

Which of these is not a symptom of a staph infection?
skin rash

If you are studying hard to become a cosmetologist, you know that there are several state-level safety requirements for cleanliness and professionalism. When you earn your cosmetology license, your clients can see with one glance at your resume or graduation plaque that you have the experience, skills, and knowledge to keep your clientele safe. However, you must first pass the state certification exam to prove that you are an expert in beauty and style. Although this exam varies by state, there are basic safety requirements as well as makeup application and hair styling information which are very much the same. Varsity Tutors’ Learning Tools offers a host of free, online study tools that can help you with daily test practice, like Question of the Day.

These online study tools help you avoid last-minute cram sessions. Too many students wait until the last minute and study everything the night before the test, which can lead to burn-out, exhaustion, lack of sleep, and insecurity the next day. Instead of waiting until the last minute, use Learning Tools like Question of the Day to help you prepare for your Cosmetology license exam, one day at a time.

Cosmetology Question of the Day is a great daily test review tool with a brand new multiple-choice question every single day. These questions are based on past cosmetology certification exams, so you will become very familiar with the way the exam questions will be phrased. You can also scroll to the bottom of the answer page and read an in-depth explanation of the correct answer. Even if you answered the question correctly, you may find new information in the explanation which will help you answer similar questions in the future.

You can also use the timer feature on Cosmetology Question of the Day to examine how long you take to answer each question over the course of your cosmetology test review. The certification exam is timed, so you must work toward answering multiple-choice questions quickly and correctly. Question of the Day does not require you to answer the questions in a specific amount of time, but you can track how well you understand material as you answer questions faster and faster.

Cosmetology Question of the Day feature also has graphs that chart your correct and incorrect answers over time. You can watch yourself improve as you use the whole suite of Learning Tools to study for your cosmetology exam, and compare your answers to each other as you get better. You can also see how well other students perform on Question of the Day as you all study online together for your cosmetology certification.

Question of the Day is one of the many free cosmetology practice tools to help you prepare for your professional licensing exam. When you use the whole set of Learning Tools together, you will be thoroughly prepared for your cosmetology exam. Check out Cosmetology Question of the Day and all the other great online Learning Tools to get started.

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