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Foreign Language Programs

We connect managers, executives, and teams to learning resources to compete in an increasingly global marketplace. Group or individual programs are available to equip your employees with the knowledge to be stationed anywhere in the world with high caliber language tutoring offered one-on-one in-person, with a webcam face-to-face via the Internet anywhere in the world, or via classes offered onsite at your company. Languages tutors teach include Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, French and Italian.

Employer Sponsored Benefit Programs

Company sponsored tutoring is a great perk that helps recruit and retain top performers in an increasingly competitive market. Many of our corporate partners offer it as part of a relocation package.

Corporate Ongoing Education Programs

We work with many companies to offer ongoing education to gain new accreditations, increase skill sets, and gain admission into top grad-school programs. For example, tutors offer GMAT test prep that aligns with companies' talent management programs.

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