Test: Computer Science

Consider the code below:

public class Clock {

     private int seconds;


     public Clock(int s) {

          seconds = s;



     public void setTime(int s) {

          seconds = s;



     public void setSeconds(int s) {

          int hoursMinutes = seconds - seconds % 60;

          seconds = hoursMinutes + s;



     public void setMinutes(int min) {

          int hours = seconds / 3600;

          int currentSeconds = seconds % 60;

          seconds = hours + min * 60 + currentSeconds;




Which of the following issues could be raised regarding the code?

There is insufficient data verification for the mutator methods.

There is an error in the setMinutes calculation.

There are no issues.

The setMinutes method should return an integer value.

There is a potential null pointer exception in one of the methods.

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