Test: Common Core: Kindergarten English Language Arts

Arctic Animals

The Arctic is one of the coldest places on Earth. It is covered in ice and snow and the temperature can drop below freezing. Living in the Arctic is very difficult but many animals call the Arctic home.

Arctic hares live in the Arctic. In the summer, the Arctic hare has brown fur. In the winter, when temperatures drop, the hare’s fur grows thicker and warmer. Their fur also turns white in the winter.

Snowy owls live in the Arctic. They have small ears to keep in heat. Unlike most owls, the snowy owl hunts during the day. Snowy owls have 2 layers of warm feathers. The snowy owl’s entire body is covered in warm feathers- even its legs and toes.

Arctic foxes live in the Arctic. When winter comes the Arctic fox changes its brown summer fur for a thicker coat of white fur. The Arctic fox’s warm, snowy coat keeps it warm in cold temperatures and protects it from predators.

Wolves live in the Arctic. They have thick white and gray fur. Groups of Arctic wolves hunt together in packs.

Harp seals live in the Arctic. Adult harp seals have a thick layer of fat, called blubber. Blubber keeps seals warm in the cold, icy arctic water. Baby seals have thick white fur. The baby pup quickly builds its blubber and loses its fluffy coat.

Penguins live in the Arctic. Penguins have webbed feet to help them walk on the ice. Penguins are very good swimmers. They use their wings to help them swim. When penguins are born they have a thick, fluffy coat of gray and white down feathers. Adult penguins have a waterproof coat of feathers to help then stay dry and warm in the icy, Arctic water.

Polar bears live in the Arctic. Polar bears have thick, white fur to stay warm. They even have fur on the bottoms of their feet. Polar bears also have thick blubber.

The Arctic is a difficult place to live but many animals have found ways to stay warm and survive here.



How are the Arctic hare and the Arctic fox similar?

They both have a thick layer of blubber

They both can swim

They both have thick, white fur

They both hunt during the day

1/10 questions


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