Test: Common Core: Kindergarten English Language Arts

Text 1

Pets are animals that live with people. Pets are fun to have. There are many types of pets that people have. 

A gold fish is a type of pet. Gold fish live in fish tanks filled with water. Gold fish use fins to swim in fish tanks.  

A cat is another type of pet. Cats can live outside or inside. Cats walk and run on four legs. 

A dog is another type of pet. Dogs can be big or small in size. Like cats, dogs walk and run on four legs. 

There are many other animals that people could have as a pet. But, fish, cats, and dogs are what most people have as pets. 


Text 2

Dogs are great pets to have. Dogs can be big or small, but they all have fur and walk and run on four legs. 

When dogs are first born they are called puppies. Once a puppy gets older it’s only called a dog. 

Dogs can learn many tricks. Dogs can learn to sit, lay down, and shake. Most people give dogs treats when they are teaching them tricks. 

Most dogs like to be around people. If you plan to get a dog as a pet, be ready to love the dog, because the dog will love you! 


Which of the following facts about dogs is found in both texts? 

Dogs walk and run on four legs

Dogs can learn tricks 

Very young dogs are also called puppies

Dogs have fur

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