College Physics : Isochoric Processes

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Example Question #1 : Isochoric Processes

What is true regarding the work performed by a system whose volume remains constant and undergoes an increase in pressure?

Possible Answers:

The work done by the system increases the temperature of the system

The surroundings does work on the system

The system does no work

The system does work on its surroundings

Correct answer:

The system does no work


To answer this question, it's important to remember how work is defined when dealing with volume and pressure.

The equation for the work done by a gas on its surrounding is as follows.

With this equation in mind, we can see that the only time work is performed is when there is a change in volume. Since we're told in the question stem that the volume remains constant as the pressure is increased, the final volume will be equal to the initial volume. Thus, the  term will be equal to  and no work will be performed.

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