CLEP Humanities : Understanding Terminology That Describes Nineteenth-Century Fiction

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Example Questions

Example Question #1 : Understanding Terminology That Describes Nineteenth Century Fiction

All of the following were distinguishing features of Romantic Era writing EXCEPT __________.

Possible Answers:

a belief in the importance of nature

an adherence to the ideals of antiquity

a reaction against the Age of Enlightenment

a focus on the artistic genius

valuing emotion over reason

Correct answer:

an adherence to the ideals of antiquity


The Romantic movement flourished throughout Europe during the early nineteenth century. It gained steam in artistic, literary, and philosophic circles by reacting against the Age of Enlightenment and many of its ideals, such as a focus on rationality and love of antiquity. Romanticism particularly valued emotion, nature, and the spontaneous artistic creation of a singular genius.

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