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Neuroscience: It’s Not (Necessarily) Brain Surgery


Actress, Author, Neuroscientist

About Mayim

Most recently known for her award-winning role on The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik was a natural to play the part of a neuroscientist. Bialik earned a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA and has written two New York Times bestsellers on the science of growing up.

About the Class

The human brain is the most awe-inspiring “machine" ever made. In this class, Mayim Bialik, a real-life neuroscientist who also played one on TV, will show students what the human brain is capable of, and how it performs such amazing feats.

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Session 1

Our Amazing Brains
Students will learn all about the brain and the spinal cord, exploring how the central nervous system facilitates everything we think and do. Mayim will explain why she's so fascinated with neuroscience, and challenge students to take maximum advantage of their amazing brains.

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Session 2

All About That Neuron
Mayim will show students how neurons make our brains more powerful than any computer ever invented, exploring the connections and "programs" that send information through our bodies.