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The Secrets of Magic & Entrepreneurship


Evan Alberto, TikTok's most-followed magician

About The Instructor

With 15 million TikTok followers, Evan Alberto enjoys worldwide fame as a magician, but his success didn’t happen magically. He earned it, through the internet’s most popular magic how-to videos and a savvy approach to marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship.

About the Class

Whether it’s a card trick, social media, or business, Evan can teach you a clear, concise method to master it. In these classes he’ll draw on his experience as TikTok’s most-followed magician to share the secrets to magic, social media, and building your own brand and business.

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Evan with cards and a camera


The Secret Simplicity of Magic
With just a few basic techniques, anyone can perform magic tricks that surprise and delight an audience. Evan will demonstrate several core magic techniques, provide practice drills to master them, and show how, when linked together, they can mesmerize.


Social Media Magic for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Drawing on his experience turning a hobby into a TikTok empire, Evan will discuss strategies for brand building, leveraging technology for creativity, and developing customer relationships. Whether you’re a performer or an entrepreneur, your dream career could use some of Evan’s magic.

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