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Private online tutoring for students with ADD in Cincinnati, OH

Receive personally tailored lessons from exceptional tutors in a one-on-one setting who understand students with ADD. We help you connect with in-home and online tutoring that offers flexible scheduling and your choice of locations.'

100% Tutor Satisfaction Guarantee

At Varsity Tutors, we're committed to connecting you to top tutors capable of delivering an outstanding experience. That's why we provide a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for tutors in Cincinnati, OH for students with ADD? Varsity Tutors can help.

No one wants to see their student struggling in school, which is why Varsity Tutors is happy to connect you with a Cincinnati tutor for students with ADD. A chronic condition affecting executive function, attention-deficit disorder primarily impacts an individual's focus, memory, and thought organization. This can affect academic performance and socialization. Working with Cincinnati tutors for students with ADD can be helpful in building skills that address these challenges.

How can a Cincinnati tutor for students with ADD near me work with my student?

ADD can be diagnosed at a relatively early age, with symptoms persisting through adulthood. Symptoms can vary by individual, but the most common one is that students may struggle with focus. This is because individuals with ADD can have a hard time retaining information. This makes it difficult to follow instructions, particularly if there are multiple steps involved. It can also take a great deal of effort for them to organize their thoughts, making staying on task or seeing things through especially tough.

Cincinnati tutors for students with ADD can help with all of this. They are vetted to make sure they have the skills, expertise, and experience necessary to effectively assess and guide your student. They can begin by evaluating the scope and nature of your student's challenges before proposing a plan which uses techniques and supports that targets your student's specific needs while catering to their distinct learning style. Because they understand the pivotal role of parental involvement in advancing a student's progress, they can work with you to make sure you understand the concepts involved and offer up ways you can support the work being done in daily activities, improving the effectiveness of the tutoring.

Students with ADD often have a 504 Plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP) that guarantees them certain supports in the classroom. Cincinnati tutoring for students with ADD can serve as an extension of those supports. Instructors can reference the documentation to learn about what interventions have been attempted in the past so as not to waste time on ineffective techniques. They can make sure to incorporate tactics currently being used in the classroom to create consistency for your student, which is a crucial ingredient for any successful instruction program for individuals with executive function struggles. They can also keep in contact with your student's team at school to make sure everyone stays on the same page and that your student is getting the best support possible.

A significant benefit of working with a Cincinnati tutor for students with ADD is that your student will receive a great deal of individual attention. In a conventional classroom, a teacher simply doesn't have time to customize instruction to meet the needs of every single student. Even if your student's IEP or 504 calls for in-class support, their aide will likely have a full caseload and limited minutes dedicated solely to your student. With Cincinnati tutoring for students with ADD, your student will have dedicated one-on-one time with an expert instructor. They can ask questions and receive answers, getting clarity and building comprehension. The relationship they build with their instructor can also help build confidence and improve their attitude towards school in general.

Cincinnati tutoring for students with ADD is built differently for students of different ages. Younger students work with an individual tutor who not only offers foundational academic support in subjects like math, reading, and writing but uses that instruction to model ADD-specific skill sets related to things like time management and organization. Older students may work with multiple tutors. One instructor may focus explicitly on skills related to ADD-specific challenges like scheduling, comprehension tactics, and more, while another might be more academically geared and subject-specific. Instant Tutoring is also available. In as little as 15 seconds, your student can connect with an instructor to get help on a homework assignment or project for as long as is needed.

How can I get my student set up with a Cincinnati tutor for students with ADD near me?

It's not as difficult as you might think. Varsity Tutors can get you going with a Cincinnati tutor for students with ADD in as few as 24 hours. You'll be matched with instructors whose schedules work with yours to make sure you don't have to rearrange your world to make things work. Your student can select a working environment that works for them, be it a place like the Clermont County Library or your living room couch. All they have to do is log on to the Live Learning Platform and connect with their tutor using video chat, coordinating with functions like the virtual whiteboard and document sharing. These sessions are recorded, too, so you can revisit the lessons at your convenience. There's no excuse for putting it off. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get the ball rolling!

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