Writing a Thank You Note After an Interview

There is one little mistake many students make that can sometimes hurt the final impression they make after an admissions interview.  What is that tiny mistake?  Not sending a thank-you note.

It is extremely ironic how often this happens.  The task of writing a thank-you note is so simple, so quick to do – and so overlooked.  You may feel like this idea is pointless.  You had a lengthy interview with this admissions officer and genuinely thanked them in person with a firm handshake and bright smile.  Wouldn’t it be a little repetitive to thank them again?  No.  The answer is no.

Remember, these admissions staffers are getting tons of applicants and are going through several interviews.  It can be a bit overwhelming and you can easily get lost in the crowd or forgotten.  Therefore, it would only make sense to ensure you do not go missing from their radar and remind them that you do exist.  With a thank-you note, you are not only reminding them that you’re around, you are showing that you are still enthusiastic about attending this school and want to show how much you really want to be a part of it.  After all, universities want to accept people who actually want to be on that campus, not just any campus.

Most of all, you can take this opportunity to show the admissions officer how much you particularly enjoyed meeting them and what you learned from the interview.  Show that you are taking a legitimate interest in what this school is all about.  All of this shows you were actually paying attention in the interview and engaging in conversation rather than just reciting rehearsed answers about your credentials.  Also, you can smoothly sneak in a quick reiteration of what makes you a great applicant.

Although this note doesn’t take too much time or thought overall, you still must pay close attention to how you phrase everything and how lengthy it gets.  Don’t bother this person with basically another personal statement – keep the note very brief.  And make sure you do not come off as trying too hard or as an applicant sending a generalized “thanks.”  To sum it up: thank the interviewer for their time, express your enjoyment of the interview and eagerness about attending the school, and leave them with your hopes that you’ll be moving forward.  Tailor each of those points as personally as you can and you will have a note of perfection that will keep you ahead in the races.