Where Will You Go Next? 3 Study Abroad Programs for Green Majors

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Studying abroad offers you the unique chance to discover a new culture and expand your academics. Regardless of your major, there are engaging programs offered to students abroad. If you’re a prospective green major, there are a multitude of opportunities to advance your studies overseas. From Duke University’s conservation program in Australia to the University of California, Davis’ sustainability program in Northern Europe, students can choose from a variety of study abroad programs for green majors.

Keep reading to learn about three study abroad programs for green majors:

1. Stony Brook University’s “Sustainability and Renewable Energy” course in Costa Rica

Stony Brook University’s three-week study abroad program allows students to learn about Costa Rica’s efforts to become more sustainable. The program also showcases Costa Rica’s commitment to utilize renewable energy sources by visiting facilities, spending time in ecovillages, and speaking to local experts. This course can benefit students studying sustainability, environmental science, and environmental design. While the program is busy and ambitious, the last two days are spent in the city of Puerto Viejo, where students visit a chocolate factory and a jaguar rescue center.

Stony Brook University’s program gives students the opportunity to earn an International Permaculture certificate, focused on regenerative design, biodiversity, and permaculture. All students complete an exciting capstone project focused on one or more aspects of Costa Rica’s sustainability efforts.

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2. Duke University’s “Australia: Evolutionary Forge and Conservator” program

Duke University offers students a month-long program focused on biology, conservation, and environmental history in the ecologically rich and diverse country of Australia. Students spend time in many parts of the country, from the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland to Sydney in New South Wales.

The course gives students the opportunity to learn about biodiversity across Australia and how it’s been shaped by human activity over time. The country is home to some of the most stunning and unique ecosystems on earth. Coursework involves field studies that are supplemented by readings, videos, and classroom discussions. The course is open to students of any major, but is best geared toward those with a focus on biology, conservation, or environmental history.

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3. University of California, Davis’ “Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe” program

In this month-long program, students visit eight to ten cities across four or five countries in northern Europe that focus on sustainability, such as Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden; and Lucerne, Switzerland. Some themes students will encounter include:

  • Urban transit

  • Renewable energy systems

  • Waste management

  • Urban planning.

This program gives students the opportunity to visit some of the most exciting cities across Europe on foot, bicycle, and by train. They’ll also learn how many European cities have embraced sustainability as a part of their culture.

This program may appeal to students studying landscape architecture, environmental science and policy, and community and regional development. Students focused on these areas of sustainability will benefit from learning about green urban planning principles and design approaches.

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Regardless of your career goals, there are a plethora of green study abroad programs to advance your knowledge. Identify the areas you’re most interested in, and research available programs to find the right fit for you.


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