What To Ask During A College Visit


It's the season for college visits, and high school seniors are gearing up to get a first peak at what may be their future for the next four years or more.  Seeing the campus buildings, talking to enthusiastic alumni, and being pampered by admissions officials may be fun, but students should go prepared with detailed questions.
A recent article from CollegeView offers some great questions to ask during your next college visit.  Here is a sampling of the questions:

1. What are your most well-known programs?
This is a better question than asking, "Is such and such program good at this college?"  The vast majority of college officials will simply reply "yes" - who wants to admit that their program isn't good?  But by asking what the most popular majors are at the college, you'll find out which programs are thriving.

2. Does this school accept AP or IB credits?
If the answer is yes, follow up this question with, "how well do I have to do on my AP tests to receive credit from this college?"  And also, "do you cap the number of AP credits I can receive?"

3. Am I automatically considered for any merit scholarships when I apply, or do I have to apply for those separately?
Uncovering previously unknown financial aid or scholarships is always a good thing!

4. Do you offer prospective students a chance to stay overnight?  
Having the chance to "shadow" an actual student at the college will give you a much better insight into the school.  Much more so than any glossy brochure or spiel given by a tour guide.