What is it Like to Attend Manchester Metropolitan University?

Melissa earned her bachelor’s degree in communication in media from Manchester Metropolitan University in England. She specializes in English tutoring, elementary math tutoring, and a number of other subjects. Below, she shares her experience at Manchester Metropolitan University:

Describe the campus setting and transportation options.

Melissa: The campus is not centralized, with different facilities within the university dispersed throughout the city of Manchester, UK. The city of Manchester is very urban. The transportation was excellent, I very much enjoyed not needing a car during college. The freedom of being able to get around the city, even the country, without having to worry about owning a vehicle is beautiful. I felt very safe in Manchester; they have security cameras placed around the city connected to their emergency response system.

How available are the professors, academic advisers, and teaching assistants?

Melissa: My academic advisors made themselves available and showed genuine concern for our progress.

How would you describe the dorm life—rooms, dining options, location, socialization opportunities with other students?

Melissa: The dorm was very clean and modern. I lived in Erasmus housing my first year, which is for international and European students, so I was able to meet many different people. There were a total of six private rooms per flat and we shared a suite with our kitchen and living area. My dorm was conveniently located next to the train station.  

Which majors/programs are best represented and supported? 

Melissa: I was a communications and media studies major, with a secondary focus in politics. We focused on the sociological effect of the media, including all aspects of marketing, branding, film, and television. The only criticism I would offer, is they could provide more guidance in career support and application of our studies.

How easy or difficult was it for you to meet people and make friends as a freshman? Does Greek life play a significant role in the campus social life?

Melissa: I transferred here as a junior and spent my final two years studying abroad. There were no Greek life opportunities while I was there. It is a very metropolitan campus and you have access to many activities, entertainment, museums, volunteer opportunities, parks, and eclectic places to eat. Making friends was easy, as you are living and sharing space with your peers. The university also hosted welcoming activities for all international students, which was a great time and allowed me to meet many people.

How helpful is the Career Center and other student support services? 

Melissa: There is some recruitment, but the career center was not as promoted as it could have been.

How are the various study areas such as libraries, the student union, and dorm lounges? Are they over-crowded, easily available, spacious?

Melissa: They are easily available and spacious, never over-crowded. They have a large library with every resource you would expect from a major university. I spent more time traveling the country and taking advantage of my proximity to other countries within Europe, but I was aware of the student union constantly hosting activities for students to engage with one another.

Describe the surrounding town.

Melissa: The campus is in the city, so in that way it is amazing! The facility of arts and humanities is in a more natural and secluded setting, which was a lovely place to attend classes. Living central to downtown made getting around easy—you could walk outside and find everything you needed at your doorstep.

How big or small is the student body? Were you generally pleased or displeased with the typical class sizes?

Melissa: The student body is over 30,000, so there is no shortage of people to interact with.

Describe one memorable experience with a professor and/or class. Perhaps one you loved the most or one you regret the most.

Melissa: I really enjoyed working in a small group to make a short film for our final project of the filmmaking class and getting to use the equipment provided by the school. The projects they gave us were consistently fun and creative.

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