What is it Like to Attend Indiana University?

The tutors behind Varsity Tutors are not just here to teach – they’re sharing their college experiences as well. Daniel is a Philadelphia tutor who specializes in Pre-Algebra tutoring, Algebra tutoring, Essay Editing tutoring, and more. He graduated from Indiana University in 2007 where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. See what he had to say about his undergraduate experience:

VT: Describe the campus setting and transportation options. How urban or safe is the campus? Are there buses or do you need a car/bike?

Daniel: The campus is not very urban—it is essentially in the city of Bloomington, Indiana. The campus is gorgeous, and it is frequently rated one of the prettiest in the country. There are many transportation options, including bike and bus. There is no need for a car at Indiana University Bloomington.

VT: How available are the professors, academic advisers, and teaching assistants?

Daniel: I was a business major, so I can really only speak to the business school, but the professors, advisers, and teaching assistants were very available and always willing to help. In the 300- and 400-level classes, many of my professors wrote the textbooks or were former executives, yet they still made plenty of time for their students.

VT: How would you describe the dorm life – rooms, dining options, location, socialization opportunities with other students?

Daniel: The dorm life is vibrant, to say the least. The dining options are plentiful, though I was not impressed with the food selection. Many of the options were unhealthy, or if they were healthy, far more expensive. Indiana University is a Big Ten school, so there are many, many socialization opportunities, including intramurals, clubs, and sporting events. Indiana University is a basketball school, so if you are student, you need to go to basketball games—the passion and electricity in Assembly Hall is something you will never in your life forget!

VT: Which majors/programs are best represented and supported? What did you study and why? Did the university do a good job supporting your particular area of study?

Daniel: Indiana University is known for its business school, which is frequently ranked in the top 20 in the country. The business school does an exceptional job of supporting its students academically—its professors are always available and very approachable—but what really sets the school apart is their placement program. They bring in hundreds of companies to interview their students on campus. I had over 20 interviews in a week, and I received several job offers, even as the economy was beginning to slide in late 2007.

VT: How easy or difficult was it for you to meet people and make friends as a freshman? Does Greek life play a significant role in the campus social life?

Daniel: It is very easy to meet new friends. Greek life is a huge part of Indiana University, but I was not a part of the Greek system. Greek housing is comprised of many large houses that are on campus, or only a few blocks from campus.

VT: How helpful is the Career Center and other student support services? Do many reputable companies recruit on campus? 

Daniel: See my above answer. The career services are virtually unrivaled—I simply cannot imagine a better experience in regard to finding a job.

VT: How are the various study areas such as libraries, the student union, and dorm lounges? Are they over-crowded, easily available, spacious?

Daniel: The main library and union are centrally located, and they are excellent areas to study. Every dorm floor has a lounge, as well, in which to study. The library and union can be overcrowded during midterm and finals weeks.

VT: Describe the surrounding town. What kinds of outside establishments / things to do are there that make it fun, boring, or somewhere in between? To what extent do students go to the downtown area of the city versus staying near campus? 

Daniel: Bloomington is a gorgeous town with so much to do. The area surrounding Bloomington is hilly, and the colors are unparalleled during the fall. Most people describe Indiana as a flyover state, but not Bloomington. There are arts festivals, sporting events, and myriad other activities to take part in. Some of my greatest college memories took place off-campus in Bloomington. Students frequently go downtown to eat, shop, or go to the bars.

VT: How big or small is the student body? Were you generally pleased or displeased with the typical class sizes?

Daniel: The student body is approximately 42,000. Class sizes for your 100-level classes are rather large, but I never found that to be a problem, given the availability of teaching assistants and professors. After my 100-level classes, almost all my courses were 50 students or below.

VT: Describe one memorable experience with a professor and/or class. Perhaps one you loved the most or one you regret the most.

Daniel: I had a professor who did everything he could to help his students learn calculus, including spending his Friday nights forming study groups and buying us dinner. He did such a great job that the university investigated him for academic misconduct because so many of his students did so well on his tests. There was no academic misconduct—he was just that wonderful a professor. Ultimately, the university realized this when his students advocated for him, and the administration ended up commending him for his great work!

I really cannot think of any professors I regret, honestly.

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