What Can I Do With a General Studies Major?

If you are considering or have declared a major in general studies, chances are you’ve been asked about what you plan to do with your degree. While some people might argue that a general studies major can’t possibly prepare you for the future, there are several paths that you can take with this major as you move beyond your undergraduate years. Here are four ways that you can use your general studies major:  

1. Apply to graduate school

The general studies program at many universities provides room for students to explore different subjects while concentrating in a specific academic area. While this concentration may not be as extensive as a traditional major in that same field, it may help develop your desire to pursue higher education – like a master’s degree – in a certain field. Even if your school doesn’t offer concentrations within the general studies major, you may have noticed some aspect of your coursework that particularly captures your interest. Your general studies major can make you an attractive candidate for graduate school, as it shows that you have developed your critical thinking and writing skills, and that you can think on an interdisciplinary level about academic topics. If you think you may need help studying for your GRE you may want to consider contacting a GRE tutor.

2. Work in a team-based environment

A degree in general studies is synonymous with critical thinking and teamwork. Many graduates of general studies programs have found success in marketing, sales, and other careers that require deep perspective and thinking, as well as extensive teamwork. Your unique combination of coursework enables you to draw on a broad base of knowledge in order to find solutions to complex problems.

3. Work in a writing-oriented occupation

If you have declared a general studies major, chances are that you’re writing about a wide variety of subjects regularly. Students in general studies majors often become flexible writers who are able to write intelligently and comprehensively in virtually every liberal arts discipline. Because you cultivate the skills to adapt to the many types of writing assignments that are required of you throughout your undergraduate career, you are also in a position to adapt to the unique writing styles required of many jobs. General studies majors can be good candidates for paralegal positions, careers in journalism, or freelance writing jobs. If you think you may need help perfecting your writing you may want to consider contacting a writing tutor.

4. Work in a field that is unrelated to any traditional bachelor’s degree 

Having a degree in general studies may make you an attractive candidate to industries like real estate because of the skills that these employers know you have developed in your coursework. Such employers assume that you are willing to “think outside the box,” that you will engage positively with coworkers and customers, and that you are able to present your ideas in a clear and concise fashion. As a general studies major, you present yourself as an adaptable candidate who can make connections that others might miss.