4 Ways an Online Tutor Can Help You Succeed This School Year

Online tutoring can help students get the additional push they need to excel during the school year. One of the best parts of online tutoring is its extreme flexibility; you can meet almost any time, from any place, and for the duration you would like. Isn’t it about time you gave it a try?

Below are some significant reasons you may wish to seek online tutoring this school year:

1. An online tutor can be available during a wider variety of hours

Online tutoring saves both the tutor and student some time. Since there is no commute involved, your tutor may be able to meet with you at times that would be tricky to accommodate in person. For example, your tutor may be free in the morning before school or work, during a lunch break, or early evening before bedtime. As long as the both of you are available and there is sufficient preparation time before, your tutor may agree to schedule a session for an uncommon hour of the day.

2.  An online tutor can meet for shorter blocks of time

Also because there is no commute involved, an online tutor can meet with you for quicker sessions if needed. Your tutor can study with you for just a half hour, perhaps, if that is all you need at the moment! Doing so can allow you to get the most out of your tutor time, especially on days when you only have a few questions or just want a brief review on a particular concept. With online tutoring, it can be easier to meet more frequently for shorter periods of time, rather than only a handful of longer sessions—you could still choose the latter of course; what matters is your preferences and learning style. Do what works for you.

3. An online tutor can utilize more electronic resources

Online tutoring opens up the possibility of accessing a greater array of resources. In-person tutoring often requires resources to be printed so that both the tutor and student can look at the material. Online tutoring eliminates the need for hard copies, which saves money for the tutor and student alike—not to mention it’s more environmentally friendly! Using the Varsity Tutors Online Tutoring Platform, for instance, allows the tutor and student to take screenshots of assignments, write on a digital whiteboard, use a digital calculator, etc. They can also use and access free learning tools (including practice questions, diagnostic tests, etc.) to supplement review time.

4. An online tutor can meet you from almost anywhere

Rather than factoring in the commute from location to location when deciding where to meet for your review session, online tutoring eliminates the need for showing up at a designated place by a certain hour. As long as you have a way to connect to the internet—be it using a tablet, a laptop, or even your cell phone for mobile tutoring—you and the tutor can meet from virtually anywhere. However, you should make sure you are in an environment where you can concentrate and where there is not too much noise.

The benefits of virtual tutoring are limitless. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get your first online tutoring session set up!

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