The American Job Market

Current college seniors (2010 graduating class) are finding it much easier to land jobs than the preceding 2009 class, according to an article in the New York Times.

            2009 was one of the worst job-seeking years in history for college seniors. However, the National Association of Colleges and Employers recently reported that 5 percent more college seniors are finding jobs in 2010, compared to 2009.

            Employers are looking for accounting, engineering, computing and mathematics majors, according to Edwin Koc, research director of the association. These positions are currently in the highest demand. Koc added that communication and writing skills, analytic ability and teamwork are also necessary factors for most jobs.

            Most hiring and college administration experts agree that graduating students need to be able to create a linear connection between their major and a potential job. Some college majors – especially liberal arts majors – do not have clear career paths that begin immediately after college. Therefore, these students need to be able to mold their degrees and learning experiences to fit available job descriptions. This is especially important in tougher job markets.

            Some experts believe that the current economic climate could actually help some recent college graduates’ chances of landing jobs. Employers are beginning to prepare for a strong economic comeback; however, money is still extremely tight. Some of these employers are filling these positions with recent college graduates because they are significantly less expensive than veteran workers.

            Recent college graduates have other advantages as well. Most of the new jobs that are currently being created in America rely heavily on technology and the Web. Many experts and employers believe that younger people are more proficient in these categories.

            The job market is expected to increase steadily, making it easier for recent college graduates to find jobs straight-out-of-college. Most economic experts believe that the workforce will continue to grow as the American economy rises out of the recent economic recession.