Stay Current on Any Class This Summer with 3 Tips

Your summer break is a well deserved vacation. Chances are you’ve spent the academic year studying, taking tests, and writing essays. Make time this summer to work, travel, and relax, but also to stay current on your classes. Here are three tips for staying current on any class this summer so that you will be ready to succeed when the fall semester rolls around:

1. Use memorization devices

Depending on your course, memorization devices may be ideal for you. Here are a few mnemonic devices that may be able to help you discover your best learning style. Consider using index cards or electronic flashcards to record them and to study them.

You can also keep a small notebook with information that you can review should you have a spare moment while riding the bus, doing your laundry, or waiting in a line. Mnemonic devices work well for many students, and if you’re an auditory learner, formatting your new concepts into a catchy rhyme or song can be especially beneficial. These note-taking formats may be a useful help as well.

2. Read material related to your topic

Another way to stay current on class information is by reading supplemental material. Visit your local community or school library to find books or magazines on your course’s subject. You may also be able to find study guides with practice tests for informal review throughout the summer. These practice tests may also be a good practice tool 

In addition to librarians, ask your professors for any recommendations – they will likely have a wide-ranging knowledge of literature that is useful to you. Be careful not to limit yourself to print. Instead, conduct an online search of articles that pertain to your class. Sometimes, these articles will be free and available to anyone on the Internet. Other times, you may need to access them through a university or academic institution. Oftentimes, there will be new and interesting updates to your field of study. By seeking out material on your course topic over the summer, you may be ahead of the curve when school starts up again.

3. Find a study or discussion partner

Working with someone else is a great way to stay academically up-to-date. Study sessions can increase your motivation and accountability for academic work that you might not want to do otherwise, especially during the summer months. By finding a classmate or friend to study with, you can bounce ideas off of each other and benefit from your shared knowledge and skills. If you’re practicing a language, try to find a native speaker who can be your language partner. Look into events or workshops at community centers or libraries, as they may have educational gatherings suited to your topic of interest. If you’d like to receive more focused learning, consider seeking a tutor for the summer months.

You don’t have to let your skills and knowledge languish in the heat of the summer. You can stay current on a class by using any or all of the above tips to help you remember – and even build on – concepts you’ve learned throughout the school year. When you return in the fall, you’ll be fresh and ready to tackle your courses.