Should I Go to the University of North Texas?

Eileen earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of North Texas. She specializes in writing tutoring, study skills tutoring, and a number of other subjects. Below, she shares her experience at the University of North Texas:

Describe the campus setting and transportation options.

Eileen: The campus setting at the University of North Texas was very nice and easy to get around. I was a commuter to this campus. Once you’re in your upper-level classes (junior and senior years), I found that most of my classes were only a few buildings away from one another. There are buses, but I would recommend getting a parking sticker. It's more convenient and time-effective, and equates to about the same as using the parking meters over a year-long period. I felt very safe on this campus. They have security, and there are typically a good amount of students and professors there, even during evening classes.

How available are the professors, academic advisers, and teaching assistants?

Eileen: I had very good professors who would make time to meet with me, especially if I had questions about a test or a grade I received.There are advisers in place for each area of study, so they’re not overwhelmed with students. My adviser was very good at helping me stay on track with my graduation date, and would alert me to potential scholarships for the next semester.

How would you describe the dorm life—rooms, dining options, location, socialization opportunities with other students?

Eileen: Since I was a commuter student, I didn't live on campus. There was a dining hall that I used for lunch when I had a full day of classes. They had many healthy options, as well as some fast food. It was a relatively large, spread out place where you could find seating inside or outside, or just get a quick bite on your way to class. I found that getting involved in projects in class or setting up study times with other students provided encouragement and time for socializing. They also have clubs you can join and all kinds of activities to get involved with to meet people.

Which majors/programs are best represented and supported? 

Eileen: UNT really supports the arts, but they are also pretty diverse in the programs they offer. I was a sociology major. I really enjoyed learning about different people groups and studying the way they interact with society. I felt that UNT offered a broad range of classes concerning sociology. I learned how to investigate and really broaden my understanding with the reading assigned. It really prepared me to think with a more objective mindset.

How helpful are the Career Center and other student support services? 

Eileen: The Career Center really helped me write my resume and make it stronger as I searched for jobs after school. They would send out alerts to job fairs. Some companies would come to these job fairs looking for new employees.

How are the various study areas such as libraries, the student union, and dorm lounges?

Eileen: I found the library and student union always had space and weren't too crowded. In the library, they have quiet areas on the second and third floors where there is no talking. This is a great place to study, research, and find what you need. The student union also had some places for more relaxed studying and eating.

Describe the surrounding town.

Eileen: Denton is a relatively small city. There are lots of places to eat and socialize. Since I commuted while I was at UNT, I wasn't too involved with the city. From what I saw, however, there were fun things to do.

How big or small is the student body? Were you generally pleased or displeased with the typical class sizes?

Eileen: There were around 35,000 students. The student body was pretty spread out around the campus. I really enjoyed that my classes weren't too overcrowded, and I could meet people pretty easily in class.

Describe one memorable experience with a professor and/or class. Perhaps one you loved the most or one you regret the most.

Eileen: There were a couple of experiences that I can think of with my sociology professors where they really showed compassion. Once, I was running late for a test, and this particular professor said there were no make-up tests. I was rushing to get there and missed the test. I went to the teacher and explained the reason why I was running late, and he allowed me to take the test. This really stood out to me, because this professor was very strict. Another sociology professor gave me all of the notes from previous weeks in the semester after my backpack had been stolen. She was very gracious about helping me stay on track. Also, I had an American history teacher and a world history teacher who were both incredibly knowledgeable, and mainly taught from memory. This was amazing to watch. They made the classes so interesting with their in-depth teaching and knowledge. I loved listening to their lectures. It wasn't just studying a book, they took you into a different world as they described the times of the seasons in the past. ‘


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