Make Learning Fun This Summer with These 3 Tech Resources

By this time in summer break, the days are long and the motivation to study is scarce. Luckily, there are some study strategies that won’t feel much like work. Technology offers high school and college students many unique resources to take advantage of during the summer months.

Are you looking for fun ways to keep your mind active? Here are three tech resources—TED talks, YouTube channels, and television series—to make summer learning fun:

Tech resource #1: TED talks

TED talks are 10- to 20-minute speeches given by experts in a particular field. These talks are generally interesting, engaging, and easy to understand. There are over 2,800 talks available on the easy-to-navigate TED website. The website offers content in subjects ranging from astrobiology to piano. Take some time to browse TED to find videos and topics that interest you. Here are some playlists to start you off:

  • Ocean Wonders: This playlist features 13 TED Talks covering topics from “Protect Our Oceans” to “Dive into an Ocean Photographer’s World.”

  • A Trip to the Museum: This playlist includes seven videos that discuss museums, such as “An Underwater Art Museum, Teeming with Life” and “Why I Brought Pac-Man to MoMA.”

  • Talks By Brilliant Kids and Teens: This playlist houses 14 TED Talks given by kids and teens regarding impressive and engaging topics. Videos in the playlist include, “Yep, I Built a Nuclear Fusion Reactor,” “An 11-Year-Old’s Magical Violin,” and “My Invention That Made Peace with Lions.”

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Tech resource #2: YouTube Channel

YouTube isn’t just for keeping up with the latest music video or trending clip. It’s also home to several educational channels that are both easy to watch and informative. Educational YouTube channels include:

  • SciShow: SciShow discusses science news and questions through visually appealing videos. Hosted by experts, the channel offers short clips (typically several minutes) and in-depth videos (generally 10- to 20-minutes) on specific topics. The videos answer questions such as “What do food expiration dates actually mean?” and “Does aloe really treat a sunburn?”

  • Mental Floss: This channel focuses on little-known facts and trivia that cover a range of general knowledge. The “List Show” playlist is a unique feature, where videos are a rundown of facts, such as “27 Words that Totally Changed Meanings” and “24 Facts about Koalas.”

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Tech resource #3: Television series

Television offers a wealth of content, some of which is educational and engaging. For example,  Planet Earth and Planet Earth II are visually stunning journeys into and through mountains, caves, jungles, and ice worlds. On days when it is extremely hot outside, a little bit of television can help you explore new worlds.

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Summer is a great time to find creative ways to keep learning. Utilize these tech resources, and discover your own, to simultaneously keep your mind sharp and make learning fun during the summer months.

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