LSAT Test Dates for 2017-2018

Taking a standardized exam like the LSAT entails a great deal of planning. When you begin to look into taking the LSAT, it’s important to create a list of the testing dates that will work well for you. Since the exam is only offered on select dates during the 2017-2018 academic year, you’ll want to be on top of registration deadlines. Reasons to finalize your testing schedule now include (as previously mentioned) staying current on registration deadlines, understanding which style of LSAT exam date best fits you, and allowing adequate prep time before the test.

Are you ready to begin creating your LSAT prep plan? Keep reading to learn about the ‘17-‘18 LSAT test dates and registration deadlines. And remember to utilize Varsity Tutors’ one-on-one LSAT tutoring to help you prepare.

LSAT test dates

Below is a list of LSAT test dates released by the Law School Admission Council for the 2017-2018 school year. Click here to register for a specific exam date.

The LSAT also offered tests on June 12, September 16, and September 18, 2017. More information on registration policies, including additional fees for late registration, can be found here.

LSAT test dates for Saturday Sabbath observers

The LSAT is typically administered on Saturdays. However, if you observe the Saturday Sabbath, the Law School Admission Council (or LSAC) offers several exams on different days of the week. You can request this type of testing date through your online LSAC account, but you must also submit an official letter from your minister or rabbi regarding your religious affiliation. More information on LSAT exam dates for Saturday Sabbath observers can be found here.

Nondisclosed LSAT test dates

The February 10, 2018 LSAT exam is a bit different from other testing dates, in that it is “nondisclosed.” This means that the LSAC does not release scored sections after the exam. For test-takers, this also means that you cannot see which questions you answered correctly or incorrectly. Before deciding on this LSAT exam date, ensure you fully understand how a nondisclosed testing session will affect you.

Adequate LSAT prep time

Allow yourself ample prep time before whichever LSAT test date you ultimately choose. Take LSAT practice tests, and evaluate your progress throughout your LSAT review. Be honest with yourself about your target score, as well as how much prep time you will need to reach said score. Remember, too, that LSAT tutoring may help you reach the goals you set for yourself. Best of luck!


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