Why Senior Year Of High School Is Important
After you've received acceptance letters, or even confirmed your enrollment at a particular college, senior year of high school is no time to slack off. Many students mistakenly believe that they can coast through the last few months of their senior year.  However, the ultimate thing to remember is that colleges can retract their acceptance offers.  
Here are three key reasons to stay focused during senior year:

Colleges will want to see your final grades 
Students think that the transcript they submitted with their applications will be the last high school academic record that colleges see.  This is often not  the case.  Many universities require you to submit final or second-semester grades.  If you think you can stop showing up to your physics class or stop  doing pre-calculus homework, think again.  
Colleges are expecting you to maintain the level of academic performance that  you demonstrated on your application
Your final months in high school give you the opportunity to show that you really are who you said you are on your application. Your A's in math classes,  your involvement in extracurricular activites, and your dedication are all  things that colleges are still interested in.  Simply keep doing what you have been doing, and you will have no worries.  Avoid "senioritis" and stay engaged  in your classes and you will steer clear of sharp drop-offs that give your  first-choice college second thoughts about admitting you.

Many scholarships can still be secured
Now that you have college acceptances to ponder, you have the opportunity to  leverage those acceptances into scholarship money.  Many scholarship deadlines  are still in play during the last semester of your senior year.  By maintaining  a strong academic record, you increase your chances of landing more scholarship funds to support your next four years at your dream institution.