How Would You Spend 100M To Change Education


By now you've probably heard about Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg pledging $100 million to the Newark, NJ, public school system.  Fast Company magazine surveyed a panel of education experts (Foundation directors to university professors) to hear how they would use that amount of funding to overhaul the U.S. education system.  Here's what they had to say:
  1. Build new preschool centers, with a focus on a low student to teacher ratio
  2. Rewrite standardized tests from scratch for all subjects
  3. Support more arts programs, including music and dance
  4. Provide funding for more parent-teacher conferences
  5. Establish weekend programs for struggling students
  6. Establish think tanks for teachers
  7. Create online professional development programs for teachers
  8. Expand the school year to create more time for teacher planning
  9. Focus on differentiated instruction for students
  10. Create more after-school programs
  11. Improve coordination among the myriad of education services
  12. Have every student meet daily with a tutor
  13. Ensure students have up-to-date textbooks and lab supplies